Casual Wear for Men can be Fashionable Too

Casual wear for men can be both confusing and full of fashion faux pas. When dressing casually, in any season and for any situation, it is important to know the general dos and don’ts of casual wear like customized t shirt  for men. Doing so can help you avoid looking foolish, stay stylish, and keep you on the appropriate track. Just like women, there are things men should and shouldn’t do in regards to fashion.

DO wear appropriate length clothing. No matter the season, but mostly for summer, it is important for your shorts, sleeveless shirts, and even in some cases your tee shirts, to be an appropriate length. This means shorts hit the knees, sleeveless shirts don’t show too much side, and tee shirts don’t look like they’re made for women in their cuts. DON’T wear shoes that are completely inappropriate for the outfit. No socks, sandals and khakis, no work boots with shorts, and no button downs with no collars. These tips may seem like common sense to some, but for others it is simply a matter of confusion.

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DO wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Being in the latest styles doesn’t really do much for you if you can’t breathe, look badly, or work hard on keeping your underwear out of bad places all day long. By being comfortable and confident, you exude an aura that makes what you’re wearing look better, both to you and everyone around you. Confidence is what makes an outfit work, not the clothes themselves.

Body odour is also an important factor. Dana is noted for many different fragrances for men with many of these being available through some of the best deodorants for men. There are two deodorant options from Dana that come in a variety of different benefits.

The first option is the British Sterling deodorant stick. A 2.75-ounce stick of this variety features citrus notes along with amber and moss scents. It lasts for most of the day and is antibacterial. No marks can be found through this deodorant after it has been applied because it is clear in form. The smooth and sophisticated feel of this deodorant gives the user a feeling of power and royalty.

The Canoe line from Dana is also popular and features a unique deodorant. This is available in a three ounce stick and is popular for its naval theme. This theme is appropriate because of how this line features a fresh and adventurous scent to it. It works with lavender, clove, Italian lemon and musk scents. This allows for a clean and fresh scent that can go on clearly without any marks being found on the body.

A good thing to note about these Dana deodorants is that they contain no aluminum in them. This is important because aluminum in deodorant can be harmful to the skin and can damage it over time. The materials in these options will work naturally to make one smell good and defeat odor without having to deal with any damages to the skin.

Be sure to take a look at these two options for deodorant from Dana. Dana makes two of the best deodorants for men in that they are ones that offer smooth and sophisticated scents while being invisible to the naked eye after they are applied. They are also safe to use without any aluminum in them.

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